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Software Outsourcing

Our experienced, well-managed and highly competent offshore outsourcing teams have been providing comprehensive, premium and most satisfactory offshore outsourcing services as well as software development and website design services to domestic and international Customers.

ROI from Outsourcing to JVBC:

  • Reduce employee turnover and training costs: JVBC can gather resources for your Offshore Development Center (ODC) with a dedicated team. Your dedicated ODC team acquires and maintains an intimate understanding of your software development requirements and processes as an integral part of your software development strategy.
  • Reduce compensation costs: To hire a typical experienced software engineer in your country either permanently or temporarily, it could be costly. The services of a JVBC engineer with similar experience and competencies, working for you in an ODC, can cost substantially less.
  • Reduce time-to-market: Shorter product life-cycles, the need to beat competitors to market, changing requirements of your target market, faster ROI required by investors, all drive the necessity of getting your product on the market as soon as possible. JVBC enable 24/7 development work on your project.
  • Focus on your core competencies: Focusing your resources on your core business and competencies allows you to adapt and respond to developments within your market-space quicker and more effectively. In fact, even if the initial cost of outsourcing is higher than performing the activity internally, it is better for your long-term competitive position to outsource that activity.
  • Share your business risks: Outsourcing can help you streamline your business operations and can make your organization more flexible to change. It also increases efficiency and productivity in non-core business processes.

Flexible Engagement models:

High quality software process together with flexible engagement models ensures reliability and optimizes the performance of the projects and services to be delivered on time, on budget, and on target.

Effort-based Pricing

In this model, the cost is calculated based on the total project execution time and the corresponding effort used. The model is particularly suitable when the specifications of the project are complex.

  • Benefit: Greater flexibility, JVBC provides customers with the necessary resources and team to meet their requirements and their needs.

Project-based Pricing

In this model, the cost is calculated based on a fix-bid budget upfront. JVBC provides detail project estimates with quote based on our initial analysis and master schedule for implementation. This model is the best choice when your project requirements, scope and specifications are clear.

  • Benefit: The best team suitable for the domains of your expertise with dedicated resources with low risk of turn-over.

ODC (Offshore Development Center)

This model is the best option for customers who are looking for continued offshore support on a long-term basis by a dedicated team with accumulated knowledge and customized processes to improve productivity, infrastructure facilities and great flexibility.

  • Benefit:  Retention of knowledge with dedicated secured facility which is accurately integrated into customers’ systems, leading to greater cost reduction by productivity improvement over the time.

Standard Delivery Model:

Our Standard Delivery Model assures all deliverables meet multinational organisations’ needs with consistency and quality across multiple languages and time-zones. JVBC provides secured facility for online delivery from offshore as well as for some big projects, JVBC onsite coordinator will do all the delivery and deployment tasks in cooperation with Customers’ IT staffs. From the JVBC point of view, Outsourcing is much more than a service outside, it is a partner inside! JVBC coordinates with your in-house staffs to provide you and your clients the best development services.